The underwater visibility in Spain is exceptional for the Mediterranean Sea, usually ranging from 30 to 50 meters, even at great depth. The clear waters offers optimum conditions underwater, especially in summer.
The currents are almost non-existent around the island. Which makes it one of the best place to learn scuba diving.
Required Levels: Ibiza is an ideal place to start diving, to improve your knowledge or to learn more about technical dives like cave diving.
The temperature of the water varies from 14 ° in winter to 26 ° in the month of August.

In the waters of Ibiza, there are all the typical underwater fauna of the Mediterranean. The magnificent ballet that impressive natural spectacles offer” includes the following fishes: big grouper, barracudas, mostelles, sars, barracudas, corbs, bream, moray eels, conger, octopus, cuttlefish and lobster. For underwater photos lovers, there are magnificent specimens of nudibranchs and for the ones who prefers large specimen; it is also possible to dive with sea turtles such as the loggerhead turtle but also tuna and even dolphins.

The seabed around the island is predominantly rocky, which explains the large number of caves, cracks and underwater passages. The vegetation includes colored sponges, majestic gorgonians, amazing coralligenous algae and, of course, the bushes of Posidonia classified by UNESCO for their ecological importance.

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