Much like selling a house, it starts with partnering with a qualified representative, that knows the market and vessel your selling, inside and out. Someone who is honest and trustworthy, that conducts themselves as a consultant more than a pushy salesperson.

There are hundreds of website about, broking or selling all sorts of yachts – but in reality, nobody listens what you really want. We are working the “old fashion way”, listening to our clients, finding the right yachts. Most of those are not advertised anywhere on the web, so it is always advisable to have a conversation with one of our dedicated staff. This brings a massive advantage to your choice, from direct access to the owners, negotiations, special terms, hand over – to name but a few.

At Del Sol Sales, we embrace and conduct ourselves with core values of follow-up and follow-through with transparency. We will aggressively market and expose listings with a no pressure sales mentality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, while focusing putting a quality deal together at a fair price.

Our team of experts is at your disposal.